Radio Nintendo provides the internet with real time live streaming Nintendo music. Unlike the current trend of customized radio stations, Radio Nintendo broadcasts the same content to all listeners like a traditional radio station. You can even tell smart home devices like Amazon Alexa to simply "Play Radio Nintendo" and tune in to the same content you'd find on our website!
Radio Nintendo is currently run by a small group of friends. Bacon works with the website, Fiddle helps gather our music library together, and Shugnussy runs the stream and ties the whole project together!
Believe it or not, Radio Nintendo has been broadcasting music online since 2003, one of the first video game music radio stations on the internet! Check out our history page for a timeline of events!
For the love of video game music! Nothing is more convenient than pressing play and getting the best game music soundtracks. With support on all devices without logins, subscriptions, advertisements or any restrictions at all, Radio Nintendo is the best way to start listening to video game music!
Radio Nintendo's stream uses Icecast in hand with Liquidsoap to bring you the music stream. Our website uses Bacon's in house content management system, Baconcore.
Need to reach out to Radio Nintendo? We want to hear from you! The best point of contact is Shugnussy who you can find on almost any website under that name. If you want to send him an email just zap a message towards MrJackFay@gmail.com. You can also send a private message to Shugnussy here or Bacon here (You will need to be signed in), and of course, any of our staff members are approachable in our chatroom as well! For issues regarding the Radio Nintendo website, you can send Bacon an email at dev@radionintendo.com.
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