What's shaking everyone, shugnussy here to wish you all a lovely holiday season, safe travels and hopefully good weather!

It's been kind of quiet here at Radio Nintendo this year, but overall we're still at it. Our stream is still broadcasting, we have the latest music for you to enjoy. We're still listening to all of your comments and doing our best to respond to your requests! So far all soundtracks that have been requested to be add to the stream by our listeners have been added. We're still working on bringing back live shows and other community affairs, but this requires a commitment from all of us, I would hate to deliver a poor product. (Even though to be honest I feel like I've been delivering a low quality experience since we've renovated.) I'm thankful to you all who continue to listen and enjoy Nintendo's greatest hits here on Radio Nintendo. Merry Christmas again, and happy holidays.
Posted by: Shugnussy
Dec 25, 2017
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